Nous sommes tous livres parce que nous avons des épines et des histoires à raconter
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TITLE: UnknownIt's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends
ARTIST: Unknown Bright Eyes
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“Yeah, you even sleep over sometimes
But we stay in our clothes.
I’m only there so you’re not alone.”

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TITLE: UnknownFluorescent Adolescent Acoustic
ARTIST: Unknown Arctic Monkeys
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Fluorescent Adolescent (Acoustic) | Arctic Monkeys


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Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.

C.S. Lewis  (via halfaxas)

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TITLE: UnknownFirst Day Of My Life
ARTIST: Unknown Bright Eyes
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Remember the time you drove all night
Just to meet me in the morning
And I thought it was strange you said everything changed
You felt as if you’d just woke up
And you said “this is the first day of my life
I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you
But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you
And I’d probably be happy”

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I don’t know who I am. Or maybe I do know who I am and I just don’t want to be her anymore.

Gayle Forman (via rauchwolken)

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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary

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